Toneygarvey, Glaslough, Co.Monaghan, Ireland

Wild Atlantic Way


A Wild Atlantic Way experience is one which embraces the wild and rugged nature of their locations. There is adventure and excitement around every corner of the Wild Atlantic Way, from the Inishowen Penisula in Donegal to the picturesque town of Kinsale in County Cork.

Focus on where land meets the sea along the Atlantic coast, with its unrestrained and untamed tides and storms that has been continuously moulding the west of Ireland.

Feel the power of the Atlantic Ocean as it crashes into the base of towering sea cliffs, wander down vast beaches and watch flocks of birds dance in pastel skies as the sun sets on another magical day.

Enchanting villages are nestled along the coast as well as ancient monuments, their origins having sunk into the mists of oblivion dot the landscape. With towering cliffs, spellbinding bays and beaches, mystical islands, always changing and never reaching the end.

  • Exploring the settlements along the way
  • Experiencing and participating in events
  • Exploring the culture of the people
  • Driving the roads on the edge of the wild seascapes

With the Atlantic at our doorstep this has ensured that old traditions and the Irish language have been preserved. A trip along the Wild Atlantic Way is also an encounter with the past.

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